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How is Alpha Testing Different from Beta Testing?

Mobile App Performance Testing or Website Performance Test is the most important step while developing and after development of a particular Software. Checking a product before release or launch of any new Application or Software is required to identify any cyber bugs, defects, functional errors, loopholes or interface problems.

Software and application Testing is carried in a number of steps and can be conducted in a number of ways and methods, depending upon the type of product, its requirements and conditions.

In this Blog we will discuss in detail about the Alpha Testing and Beta Testing and how they differ from each other.

Alpha Testing

Alpha Testing is performed just before releasing the software or application into the public domain, to identify if there are any bugs or errors that needs to be fixed. It is a type of Acceptance Testing and focuses on checking the application’s response and performance after the developer pretends to be the actual consumer of the product in a lab created testing environment that looks real.

Beta Testing

Beta Testing is when the actual consumers try out the final product in the real environment. It allows them to provide any inputs related to the design, usability, performance, functionality or interface of the product. It is basically a final testing that is carried out for customer validation, just before the product is to be delivered to the client.

Difference between Alpha Testing and Beta Testing 

Alpha Testing is done by testers on the app development site itself while Beta Testing is done by the end- users in their own site.

  • Alpha Testing requires artificially created lab environment and Beta Testing uses real – time environmental conditions.
  • Alpha Testers are highly skilled individuals involving testing and development team, while Beta testers are naïve and unexperienced users.
  • Alpha Testing can be done by either Black box or White Box Testing while Beta Testing is only done by Black Box Testing.
  • Alpha Test is conducted just prior to the product release, while Beta Test is done at the time of software marketing.
  • Alpha testing is done by the testing experts and app developers hence it is costlier than the Beta Testing, which is done by the clients themselves.
  • Alpha Testing is generally a longer process ranging from a few weeks to months or even years than Beta Testing.
  • Alpha Testing is properly structured with test suites and test cases while Beta Testing is unplanned and completely depends on how users interact with the product.

Similarities between Alpha testing and Beta Testing

  • Both the testing techniques ensure and work towards improvisation of the product by addressing its flaws and issues before the launch of product.
  • Alpha as well as Beta Testing both check the product’s reliability, responsiveness, robustness and consistency.
  • Both the Testing types are essential for a successful Software and Application.

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