Functional v/s Non-functional Testing

Software Testing is a process to determine whether an application or software is behaving the same way it was built to and to identify any bugs, defects or errors.

Software Functional testing

Functional Testing in Software Testing is a process where the mobile or website application is tested for its functional specifications and requirements. It is done to make sure that the specific conditions are fulfilled by those apps and software. Functional Testing focuses on the overall outcome of the process. It is a type of testing which validates that all the internal functions of your app are working in accordance with the designed specifications.
The tests are carried by suitable test case inputs and to compare the obtained result or output with the expected results.

Types of Functional Testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Integration Testing

Advantages of Functional testing

  • It helps to enhance the overall behavior of your software
  • This test is based on what a client requires from the software.
  • Software’s operations can be validated by this test.
  • They are easily carried manually by a QA tester.
  • Tests the functionality of the product.

Non-functional Software Testing

This type of Testing is performed to test and validate the non-functional specifications of the software and application. It is done to verify that the application behavior is in accordance to the requirements or not. All the aspects that are left out in functional testing, they are covered in non-functional testing.
It tests whether a software or application is ready to perform with respect to the non-functional constraints and parameters.
Non-functional testing bears equal importance as functional testing.

Types of Non-Functional Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Performance Testing

Advantages of Non- Functional testing

  • It helps in improving the overall performance of the software
  • This test is based on what a client expects from the outcome.
  • Software’s behavior can be authenticated by this test.
  • They are difficult to be run manually, hence automated functional testing is preferred.
  • Tests the performance of the software and applications.

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