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What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Tester?

A successful website and mobile application or Software Testing requires a proficient Quality Assurance Tester who review and assess your product for Quality check. After carefully analyzing the application’s requirements, features and specifications Testers develop strong test suites and cases and carry out manual or automated functional testing that is required for your product.

Roles and responsibilities of a QA Tester while Testing a product;

Analyzing App features

For a tester its essential to understand the features and function of an application or a software before starting its Testing. They need to have a clear understanding of the test suites, test cases, testing procedures and methods. They are responsible for preparing a budget for the software testing and maintaining its Testing schedule.

Setting up Test environment

Testing is done within a specific environment that is made to look like real time. It comprises of configured network, software and hardware components as per the requirements. It enables you to create real like and identical testing environment when you execute tests.

Conducting Software Tests

Testers need to recognize which tests should be conducted such as automated security testing or functional testing etc, on which apps depending on their features, specifications, functionality and Testing phase. Priority of Testers is to deliver a high – quality product which excel in its performance and delivers exactly what it was designed for.

Identifying Bugs and errors

It is essential to identify any loopholes, problems or issues with the program before its release. Quality Assurance team helps to detect any bugs, defects or errors that might occur due to any possible cyber threats or any code change. If not noticed on time, these defects can seep deep into the system and can affect its functionality and performance.

Detailed Test reports

After successfully conducting Software Tests, job of Testers is to make a detailed test report which covers all the short comings, defects and response of the software or application after conducting several tests that are required.

Enhanced User Interface

The ultimate goal of Software Testing is to deliver an improved and premium quality product with enhanced user interface for better customer experience. This is achieved by identifying loopholes, bugs and any other defects and conducting effective Software and application tests.

How can a Software Testing Firm help you?

Hike QA is a Software Automation Testing Company which offers all necessary and required mobile and website application tests such as Unit Testing, Integrated Testing, Acceptance Testing and User Testing. These can be either manual or automated by using white box, gray box or black box testing techniques.

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