What are the Roles of a QA Tester in an Automation testing company ?


Ask yourself what is a hospital without doctors? What is a police station without police officers? And what is a software company without QA testers? They all need a group of people and team members to work. In this case, too, we have QA testers who are an integral part of the software company. They’re considered as the captain of the ship, without which nothing can be set in motion. QA testers are the ultimate pillar of the software application and the automation testing company.

A successful website and mobile application or Software Testing require an experienced Quality Assurance Tester who reviews and assesses your product for Quality check. After carefully analyzing the application’s requirements, features, and specifications, Testers develop strong test suites and cases and carry out manual or automated functional testing required for your product.

Who are QA testers?

Before we delve into understanding how the testing process works, we need to understand the testers who perform the testing tasks. Quality assurance testers are primarily responsible for checking new products and software. They are dedicated to designing and implementing test plans with the help of the development team to debug code, correct errors, and troubleshoot any issues with the software application or software codes. They perform the task of reviewing and analyzing system specifications, executing test scripts, and reporting documents and technical issues.

Characteristics –

  • They must have strong expertise in different categories and an idea of the latest advancement in technology.
  • They must have the potential to collaborate with engineers to develop effective strategies, document testing faces, check defects, and troubleshoot issues.
  • They must have certain personal attributes such as analytical thinking, proactiveness, flexibility, self-motivation, willingness to absorb new technologies, and persistence.
  • Other key factors are outstanding problem-solving skills and written communication skills, and, most importantly, working professionally in a firm-paced environment.

Understand the need –

  • Companies encounter many bugs and complex logic errors that professional QA testers can only solve.
  • Also, it’s not just about bugs but also about improving product confidence for a deliverable quality through technical experts.
  • Developers and testers can work under a timeframe, save a lot of money, and work within a specific budget to perfect the product.
  • They are the best guide any company can have as they know the crux of the product and understand if the product requires any extra attention.
  • A QA tester’s job does not only end at testing; they also have to perform several other tasks. The plan gathers details, verifies the requirements of a planned project, the right test cases, a test developed features manually, test automation, and checks each component skilfully to avoid discrepancies.

Roles and responsibilities of a QA Tester while Testing a product –

Analyzing App features

For a tester, it’s essential to understand the features and function of an application or software before starting its testing. They need to clearly understand the test suites, test cases, testing procedures, and methods. They are responsible for preparing a budget for the software testing and maintaining its Testing schedule.

Setting Up a Test Environment

Testing is done within a specific environment that is made to look like real-time. It comprises configured network, software, and hardware components as per the requirements. It enables you to create a real-like and identical testing environment when you execute tests.

Conducting Software Tests

Testers need to recognize which tests should be conducted, such as automated security testing or functional testing, etc., on which apps depending on their features, specifications, functionality, and Testing phase. The priority of testers is to deliver a high–quality product that excels in its performance and delivers exactly what it was designed for.

Identifying Bugs and Errors

It is essential to identify any loopholes, problems, or issues with the program before its release. The quality assurance team helps detect any bugs, defects, or errors due to any possible cyber threats or code change. If not noticed on time, these defects can seep deep into the system and affect its functionality and performance.

Detailed Test Reports

After successfully conducting Software Tests, the testers’ job is to make a detailed test report that covers all the shortcomings, defects, and responses of the software or application after conducting several required tests.

Enhanced User Interface

The ultimate goal of Software Testing is to deliver an improved and premium quality product with an enhanced user interface for a better customer experience. It is achieved by identifying loopholes, bugs, and other defects and conducting effective software and application tests.


For companies to save time and money, employing highly qualified and experienced QA engineers can contribute to the application’s success. It will also improve the quality of the product and service by producing delivered content. It will also ensure that a proper alignment of duties is there within the teamwork so that the application gains appropriate attention from the people dedicated to working on it. Lastly, it will help the company build its reputation and make it last longer.

How can a Software Testing Firm Help You?

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